How many wings should I order for my flight department?

1000? You bet!!!

We at California Wing Specialties would love for you to order a 1000 crew wings from us, but for a small flight department, that would not be a smart thing to do. So how many do you need? If we could look into a crystal ball- that sure would help.

If your corporate flight department had only 10 pilots, then I would order at least 15 wings. You would be surprised who would want one and who would want an extra wing to mount on the wall in their den or showcase. Also don't forget - you may have to hire more pilots for expansion or that New Lear Jet parked in the hanger.

Okay. Let's say you have an airline and you're using a B-727. You've got a Captain, First Officer, Flight Engineer and three Flight Attendants. Because WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR DIES, all you need are the six wings, but the smart thing to do would be to order 10-15 wings for each pilots position and then 30 wings for the inflight department. Remember we price your wings by the TOTAL NUMBER YOU ORDER. Of course, most airlines today will order a lot of wings for future expansion.

If you were a big or growing flight training school, you could have your instructors wear a gold wing and you could give your student graduates their silver wings upon graduation. You could even have your private pilots get a plain wing, give your commercial/instruments a wing with a star and then give your ATP graduates a wing with a star and wreath. You can basically decide how you want your wings designed and plated - at no extra expense. If you train a lot of student pilots, then ordering a 1000 wings for the next year may be a smart thing to do.

*Order any quantity of wings you wish - 1 to 1000.
* Order 25 wings or less - add a nominal one time surcharge.
*6 to 8 weeks for completion of your first order.
*FREE initial UPS or U.S. Mail Shipping.

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