I.D. Badge and Tag accessories used for identification purposes. Can be used to hold and/or support flight crew I.D. Badges, Sporting Event Badges, Security Name Badges, etc.

A. Easy Clip
Clear plastic holder with alligator clip displays your I.D. Badge, Name Tag or any other laminate 125/box

#1667 4" X 2-1/2"
#1662 4" X 3"

B. Easy Hang
Clear plastic holder with two holes for threading of neck chains or loops. 125/box

#1668 4" X 2-1/2"
#1663 4" X 3"

C. Neck Chain
Nickel plated beads to hold your I.D. Badge around your neck. 100/box


D. Neck Lanyard
Braided nylon straps with swivel clips for easy display of I.D. Badges. Comes in assorted colors. 12/box

#5459 Assorted Pack

E. Magnetic I.D. Holder
Secures to pocket with a hidden magnet. Cards are accessible while clearly displayed in the front slot. 10/box

#3240 Credit Card Size
#6481 Military Card Size

F. Neck Chain Adapter
Holds badge in place further I.D. placement. Use with neck chains and neck loops. 100/box

#5451 Adapter

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