Okay, you're sitting behind your office desk, with your feet propped, leaning back and staring out the window, trying to figure out a way to make points with your boss ans still save your job. You need a good way to spread the word about your company or organization.
Then it hits you, A BILLBOARD!

Why not a bunch of billboards! A sea of billboards with your logo on them! Why not auto shades? These popular Auto Sun Screens are a cost effective miniature billboard.
Your ad message really gets noticed, and is used again and again.

Approximately 52" X 21". Maximum imprint area is about 12" X 39". Screen printed on 33lb corrugated cardboard. Choose from any of our standard colors printed on one side only. The product is scored prior to printing, so colors should be contrasting for best readability.
Use of half toned photographs is not recommended.

Shipping weight is 84lbs per 100. Shipped flat bulk unless folding and banding is desired
(at an additional charge).

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